Business Is Slow

SF4  - Accountability - 200 x 133Your business can take care of itself! Who doesn’t wish that were true?  Tired, grumpy, over it, lost the drive, lost your passion, on some days (weeks) you just don’t have the self-motivation to keep up. 

The good news is, you’re not a superhero and you don’t have to! YES! It’s fixable.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are necessarily self-motivated individuals. But the catchall phrase, ‘motivated to succeed in business’, has such a broad meaning that it can often end up being illusory. What does it even mean and how does it apply to you?

What can you do?

 The fact is, to succeed in business requires a whole string of motivations, not just one. And you can be sure that among the many items on your long list of ‘things-to-do’ on your day to day business activities, there are plenty you enjoy, plenty you don’t, and most likely even a few you wouldn’t know how to tackle.

Add to that the fact that you’re human and the following can strike at any time and you know you need a strategy in place.

Overcoming the blues can be fun and is possible. We can’t change ourselves.  We are human and sometimes our happiness levels fluctuate. We might even feel miserable on occasion, or depressed. But think about it.  Were you happy when you started your business, were you happy every day that you went to UNI even school?  And did you go anyway?

Energy levels can place us in the doldrums. Sometimes our energy levels desert us and everything just feels too hard.  You say to yourself, “ this is just not worth it. Way too much effort. Perhaps to take our minds off the pressure build up we get busy ordering our third coffee or catching up on Facebook for the tenth time in the past hour. No energy expended there! We know there is something we should be doing but we tell ourselves we just don’t have the energy.  It can wait.  But can it?

What’s the real problem? Anxiety and resistance raising their ugly heads

It’s not just public speaking that can cause us to feel anxiety.  The simplest of tasks that we are not confident of, or that we think we have to do perfectly, can have us running for cover.  Anything remotely creative where we know we have to put our brain in gear can scare the pants off us and send us into a coma instead. But you can snap out of it.

Some tasks are totally beyond you and you hate doing them to boot

You never did get your head around SEO for beginners, your bookkeeping is starting to pile up and budgets bore the hell out of you. Surely if you just spend as little as possible, all will be well?  Unfortunately probably not…. 


When you don’t enjoy or you feel unable to accomplish certain tasks, accountability is most required. It beats self-motivation hands down. Two heads are always better than one, team effort always wins and the sum of the parts is usually higher than individual effort. 

We all know, in business, that the thing we most need to be doing, is probably the thing we find hardest to do. And we find all the excuses above not to do it.  Self-motivation flies out the window.

Stay Focused has identified two reasons why this happens. Habit and skill 

It’s all very exciting to have the intention to grow and change, but without some kind of accountability structure around you, there is little to no chance you’ll follow through. Changing how we do things takes time, focus and support.

Stay Focused knows the changes that need to happen, why they need to happen, and how to make them happen. 

Living up to our policy of ‘100% practical’, Stay Focused works with you to make the hard things easy by equipping you with the required skills. Not only are you accountable to complete the tasks, developed and agreed upon together, but we write them down for you, step by step so that you can refer to them.  We also ensure they are manageable for you, even in the most unproductive or anxious of moods.

Here, too, accountability comes into play. After all, you don’t actually ‘learn’ a new skill, you develop it. In other words, you practice what you have learned for long enough, and with sufficient regularity, until it too has become a habit.

Business is not a lottery. Success doesn’t just suddenly fall from the sky. It comes as the end result of many good habits all building towards the same goal. At Stay Focused our goal is to make you accountable to the very thing you want most for yourself.

Stay Focused…on the end result