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80% of Businesses Fail Plan to be the exception!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
80% of Businesses Fail Gain exceptional help!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Arrange your free meeting now   
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Are you in business to succeed?SF pic small 22x 133

Maybe it’s a creative idea you’re trying to get off the ground; perhaps you want to maximise your bottom line, or grow an existing business in new and exciting ways. I hope so, because you’re certainly in the right place. Stay Focused was developed just for you.


SF8 - Growth 200 x 113 WHY DO 80% START UPS FAIL?

So many times you hear it said: “be passionate about what you do.” Well, yes, that’s obvious. But the real reason 80% of startups fail in the first 2 years certainly isn’t because they lack passion.


                                                     Map your road ahead
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Stay Focused Business Development and coaching has taken many businesses from startup to next-level and beyond. And when you’ve made this journey as often as we have, you know the road, know how to prepare for it, how to manage its challenges and reach your destination quickly and efficiently.


SF4  - Accountability - 200 x 133Struggling with accountability ?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are necessarily self-motivated individuals. But the catch-all phrase, ‘motivated to succeed in business’, has such a broad meaning that it can often end up being illusionary.

The fact is, to succeed in business requires a whole string of motivations, not just one. And you can be sure that among the many items on your long list of ‘things-to-do’ as a business, there are plenty you enjoy, plenty you don’t, and most likely even a few you wouldn’t know how to tackle.


sf man relaxed chair310How do I maintain confidence while running my business?

Keeping confident while growing a business can be difficult. With all the pressure on you "the leader" sometimes your confidence can wain. Having someone who understands this and who is always on your side of the fence assists enormously.

Prior thought of what you really want to gain from your business before starting out is very useful. As is knowing how much it will cost can eleviate the burden of trying to make ends meet after you are up and running your business trying to make ends meet.


sf startup200How can I get started?

Developing a vision plan with a coach is the first thing to do. Establish what it is your business requires. Have a good idea of how much money is required to start off to keep your business going untill you gain enough cash flow.

Have basic business fundamentals, branding. marketing plan, proceedures, policies, an accounting system, client management system, enormous passion and commitment?


SF28 - Graph - 200 x 133I want to learn how can I grow my business?

Growing your businesss takes time and a full analysis of what your buisness offes and how you offer it. Focus is especiallyfor businesses owners who recognise there is more potential for growth and higher profit to be made.

Gaining more profit requires analysing  what you are already doing and comparing this to what the potential could be, and then working out a plan on how you will bridge the gap. 


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