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We offer small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to be guided through the process of business development and business coaching with the support of someone who cares and has the necessary knowledge to guide strong direction.

DEBBIE LINDSAY (BEd) Founder of Stay Focused
Debbie works with clients to develop a solid business foundation and to gain a perspective of where their true market potential lies. Her goal is to ensure clients stay focused on theirs and achieve exceptional results in less time.

She has over 35 years of high level, hands-on experience in the sales and retail environment as she has owned and operated award winning businesses, including hairdressing salons and retail furniture outlets throughout Sydney, Australia.

She has experienced many hurdles in life and in business, therefore, offers support and guidance to help business owners achieve and accomplish their dreams.

In addition, she is a published co-author, TAKING THE DROP, which shares the ups and downs of life and makes you question what is really is important. www.vividpublishing.com.au/takingthedrop

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education, which combined with her depth of experience, has contributed to successfully training business operators and teams in front desk management, customer service, and core business skills with exceptional end results. 

Her background, wealth of knowledge and record of success in planning, project leadership and development gives Stay Focused the sound credentials that the business community has and continue to rely on.

Vision: To assist people in developing their strengths, and focus on what is important, through motivation, challenging and inspiring planned direction.


  • To listen and guide in decision-making
  • Share knowledge for promoting growth
  • Plan strategies to step over the hurdles;
  • Build and form strong business foundations
  • Respect the privacy of all shared knowledge

Mission: To build a reputable and sustainable business that encourages people to fear less, risk more and fulfill their dreams via a strong focus. In addition, offer a unique support and funding system which finances and backs business owners when needed.