Business Strategies

SF8 Growth 377 x 250Business development is different to business coaching but a complimentry skill set which moves your business forward, faster.

It’s about getting totally organised and fully focused.

It’s about implementing systems and designing strategies you can rely on that make the day-to-day routine simpler.

By getting in control of your day-to-day routine business life has flow, and a controlled ease to it.

Stay Focused Business Development helps you be creative and structured at the same time. That’s the good part. 

How we go about this is we review how you do things there, what works and what doesn’t. Then with you and your team, together we think-tank ways each area of your business could run better, smoother and most efficiently.

Together we design a system of 'what to do better' and then implement. A plan of attack is set out to keep everyone on track, gain solid momentum to achieve the goals set. We don’t give you lists and then leave you to it either. We stay with you the whole way and help you implement your ideas.

Areas we work with you in the business-developing arena are:

  • Creating a vision plan and implementing process (our plans do not sit on a shelf, they are used)
  • Designing a sales and marketing strategy
  • Building a customer database and marketing campaigns
  • Reviewing what is working and what is not (we work on what’s not working)
  • Motivating you and your team by implementing your creative ideas (then taking action)

Business Development is based around these words: How, What, Where, When, and Why. When you know what you want, you can design how your going to do it and when. So you know your why.

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