Confidence In Business

SF5 - Man confident 377 x 250Spot the difference. You’re at the trade show. Bill has it all.  He’s giving his ‘spiel’ surrounded by customers who are now blocking Bob’s stand. Bob has someone’s attention but he’s giving off unconfident signals and straining to be heard over Bill. Ben’s stand is a wasteland and he doesn’t know where to look as customers walk right on by, uninspired to approach him.

Is your business confidence affecting your results? As a leader, with all the pressure on you, there is nothing more draining than self-doubt.

 8 things you can do now to boost your business confidence. If repeating ‘You can do it, you’re the best!’ just doesn’t cut the mustard, as it often doesn’t. Here are more practical ways to boost your business confidence:

  1. Get clear about your direction before you make any decisions

You can’t get what you want from your business until you know what you want. Getting clear before you leap in is a pre-requisite for confidence and success. Business coaching will help you identify what it is that ‘rocks your soul’.    

  1. Know what you’re going to be up against, especially financially

Doing a financial budget is a lot easier than most people think. Understand and getting help in critical areas can make the necessary preparations to allay your fears and boost your confidence. A good budget is broken down into workable chunks and when used on a regular basis become very easy.

  1. Replace shallow confidence with real confidence

Shallow confidence comes having untested skills.  Start small and prepare to be less than stellar until your confidence grows. Getting the training required for your success will make all the difference. Take the time searching out a trainer who is happy to go at your pace and repeat as often as necessary. Learning your learning style by going to will help you to know what style of training is the most suitable for you. Measurable progress adds to your confidence by offering a step by step approach.

  1. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

Comparison is always a losing game.  Give yourself credit for getting this far. You will have area you are loads more confident with in different areas because of your differing existing life experiences.

  1. Remember, confidence comes from doing, not thinking

The big players didn’t get big because they had confidence.  They got confidence because they got big. Doing what you need to will grow your confidence. They made mistakes and learnt form them. They got up, after they fell down and didn’t worry about what others thought of them along their journey of learning.

  1. Believe your own hype and create that confident place

Ask for and create a handy file of testimonials and references. Gather, treasure and revisit why you are great at what you do this will be a constant reminder  of how you have helped others.

  1. Be mindful of gaps in your knowledge

Expose the gaps in your knowledge that sap your confidence. Make note and follow up with getting help.  Professional business coaching is usually the most effective way to gain knowledge. Group training can be good but you may need one to one coaching to gain the benefits.

  1. Dare I say it?  Getting professional advice

Behind every successful person is….  support!  No one does it alone and nor do you have to.  Having someone who’s been there, knows the territory, and can support you through it, is not only reassuring, it’s also an incredible boost to your productivity.

Stay Focused Business Development, has been closely involved in the whole life cycle of a variety of businesses, in both service and retail sectors. If you want your business to trade past its second year, you need an experienced business coach. It’s as simple as that.

What Do You Need?

Imagine for a moment that your business is a motor vehicle. So that makes you the driver. But you’re also the mechanic, the panel beater, the spray painter, the upholsterer, the locksmith and the tyre-fitter. You see, a business is a complex arrangement of structures, functions and processes all working together.

Fortunately for you, Stay Focused Business Development combines expertise across the whole spectrum of business needs, and can partner you each step of the way. There’s no book learning, no theory. We start with a 360-degree analysis of your business, exposing all the areas that need to be worked on. Then, one by one we work on them, building skills and confidence with every micro-success we achieve together.

If you believe your business could be doing better.  If you, as an entrepreneur lack confidence or skills in any aspect of your performance, why not do something about it? Change does happen overnight. It happens with the every step you take towards your defining goal.

Stay Focused…on your end result

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