Planning A Direction

SF3  - Road ahead - 377 x 250We can help you map your perfect direction? We’ve all heard the adage ‘Make a plan and work your plan.’

But what if you have no idea of what you want, what your plan is to be. Well, your not alone and business coaching helps you enormously gain the much-needed direction.

Who hasn’t received well-meaning advice and still felt lost? However unless we have mapped a path that is meaningful to us, it is too easy to be led astray by enthusiastic friends and colleagues who often have never owned or operated their own business. We may even have had limited success with outside suggestions but don’t know how it fits into our grand scheme.

What are you suppose to do. What dirrection shoud you take?

Do you waste time and money procrastinating on decisions? As a start-up or a step-up, you’re entering uncharted territory, drawing the map as you go. How many wrong turns will you make? What seemed like a good idea at the time ends up taking you away from, rather than towards your goal. You lose time and waste precious resources. Sure, if you’re smart, you’ll learn from each mistake, but the question is, how many diversions can you afford? Remember that 80% of start-ups go belly-up within 24 months.

No one, absolutely no one can avoid the stress of not being able to predict what’s around the corner, of not being able to read the sign up ahead until it’s too late to prepare for it. And what happens under stress is that we make poor decisions and fall back on established patterns of behaviour. Ultimately, it becomes almost impossible to sustain self-belief when every available indicator is telling you you’re messing up.

Getting clear on working with your existing creative juices and limited resources is paramount. As a small business owner, it is essential to do more with less, work smarter not harder; you’ve heard those ‘old chestnuts’.  At Staying Focused business development and coaching we know how to get clear on forging a path. Here are some top tips on creating the right strategy for you:

Start your own road ahead by making sure you know:

  1. Where you are– you can’t climb a mountain if you don’t know your path.
  2. What do you aspire for – riches, fame, balanced lifestyle or to be the next Richard Branson?
  3. What do you want to offer – is it the latest thing or an improved staple? Is it a competitive edge, a race to be first?
  4. How fast you can go – are you driving a golf buggy or a Maserati? Factor in your responsibilities wisely
  5. What your obstacles are – competition, time, new technology, gaps in your resources, knowledge or money?
  6. How prepared you are to adapt to changing conditions?
  7. Where canyou gain effective help needed to jump the hurdles, dodge the curve balls?

This kind of information will help you draw up a clear map and straighten the road ahead.  You will see what needs to be done to proceed. And though there will definitely be revisions along the way as you learn, refine and improve, you can be confident you a

re heading in the right direction. Using the right vehicle and tools for the job is the answer.

Draw from the experience of an experienced coach who has own businesses from start-up to next-level and beyond. And when you’ve made this journey as often as she has, you know the road, know how to prepare for it, how to manage its challenges and reach your destination quickly and efficiently.

Be prepared for the road ahead.Stay Focused not only provides a map for one of the most important journeys you’ll ever make, we act as your on-board navigator too.

  • Be equipped for every business challenge you’re likely to face.
  • Be strengthened by the vital support we provide; and
  • Be ready to hit your targets

Stay Focused… on the end result

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  • SF3  - Road ahead - 377 x 250 We can help you map your perfect direction? We’ve all heard the adage ‘Make a plan and work your plan.’

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