Daniel Peeper - Iconicity

Daniel and Deb 200 x 200Our Website: Iconicity

Going Above and Beyond

Next timesomeone asks you for an example of a business that goes above beyond for its clients, tell them about Stay Focused. 

Debbie Lindsay has so much passion and such a strong desire to help businesses succeed. When I started my journey with Stay Focused I had no structure to my business, I was trying to do everything at once and getting nowhere.
With Debbie Lindsay’shelp, I have established a strong base from which to launch my technology consulting business.

Daniel Peaper
Salesforce Consultant, Iconicity Consulting.

Dan Gaffney - Surf Life Saving NSW

Surf Life Saving 200 x 100We were presented with the opportunity to work with the Benny Fitz team, and in particular Debbie Lindsay and Robert Caruana.

The purpose of this collaboration was to allow these experienced external professionals an insight into the business processes and challenges of a few highlighted portfolio areas within Surf Life Saving NSW. The goal of the process was to be provided with a Geared for Growth Business Service and Review. 

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Jennifer Smith - Fix and Flex Pilates

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My confidence has grown, motivation is up and business is booming

Debbie I wanted to just say thanks.

We have only been coaching together for a few months, and what a difference.

As this is my first business I honestly can say I felt overwhelmed as I soon learnt just how much I needed to know when it came to ‘really’ running a business. I had all the practical technical knowledge of my industry, which is where I was totally confident, but that was where it stopped.

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David Sinclair - Sinclair Legal

Sinclair legal 200 x 100Our website: Sinclair Legal

I have known Debbie for a number of years, and more recently she has assisted me in a professional capacity with mentoring and strategic advice as I have established my new law practice.

Her clear and astute guidance, attention to detail and timely follow-ups have been fundamental to organising those strategic aspects of my business that would otherwise have been left behind in the milieu of the day to day operations.

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Fiona Teudt - Fiona Teudt Speech Pathology

Our website: Fiona Teudt Speech Pathology

A few years ago I would never have thought I would say - I can't handle any more business.

Thank you Stay Focused Business Development.

Deb, thanks for all your help, support and guidance over the past 4 years coaching me in business strategies. I remember the first time we sat together in your studio and I couldn’t use a computor. OMG, hasn’t that chanced enormously?

I now use Word for writing my blogs, Excel for my financials, and drop box to share files with you. We coverd off a lot off in our 90 minute focus sessions. I am so happy that I have improved in all business areas, Sales, Marketing, Branding, SEO development to better business stationary and my website development.

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