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A few years ago I would never have thought I would say - I can't handle any more business.

Thank you Stay Focused Business Development.

Deb, thanks for all your help, support and guidance over the past 4 years coaching me in business strategies. I remember the first time we sat together in your studio and I couldn’t use a computor. OMG, hasn’t that chanced enormously?

I now use Word for writing my blogs, Excel for my financials, and drop box to share files with you. We coverd off a lot off in our 90 minute focus sessions. I am so happy that I have improved in all business areas, Sales, Marketing, Branding, SEO development to better business stationary and my website development.

Over the years my business has leveraged and shown solid growth. What’s really nice is I’ve even managed a few good holidays, in and amongst growing my business.

It is so good to have someone to talk to about my business that I know i can trust, therefore I feel confident and reassured when making strong business decisions.

My new website is awesome and it was fun putting it all together with Michael.

So thank you, and I’m looking forward to a great 2017, working with you again. I would recommend Stay Focused Business Development to any business owner looking for business growth.

Fiona Teudt
Fiona Teudt Speech Pathology, Sydney