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My confidence has grown, motivation is up and business is booming

Debbie I wanted to just say thanks.

We have only been coaching together for a few months, and what a difference.

As this is my first business I honestly can say I felt overwhelmed as I soon learnt just how much I needed to know when it came to ‘really’ running a business. I had all the practical technical knowledge of my industry, which is where I was totally confident, but that was where it stopped.

You have helped me heaps with getting organised, a sales system, a basic marketing plan through to looking at my finances so I stay on track. My 52-week planner shows me my highs and lows and helped me plan ahead logical time away with my husband so I have great holidays and don’t worry anymore about my ‘time off’

In addition, your knowledge about developing a good routine so you get more done in less time, makes all the difference. I enjoy coming to meet with you and our fortnightly sessions are fun, they kept me on track mainly because I’m more organised with systems in place.

When you began with the brain dumps of my creative ideas (rolling around in my head) you encouraged me to place my thoughts onto a planner, which as you know I didn’t like using at first as there seemed so much to do ‘on the final list’ but it was amazing how this helps me clear my mind and re focus. Getting my ideas ‘out’ worked especially when they were sorted by priority.

Knowing that you expect me to complete my tasks before our next sessions, really does keep me accountable because I know your reaction, if I don’t. lol

Your softly, softly approach enables me to enjoy what I want to put off.

Business is really, really good and I am wrapped knowing a new team member is about to start and I’m confident to expand my business.

Also Deb, I am totally focused on my business and I don’t forget about the little important details in the back end anymore.

You have always been reliable and it’s so nice to know I have someone on my side to talk to, and who is constantly watching over me. I have found that this has been so important  -  starting a new business by yourself can be very isolating & scary, and your constant support & guidance has been invaluable!

Thanks so much Debbie,