Kerri Minki - The Bookkeeping Practice

Kerri Minki 200 x 200To whom it may concern,

I had been working full-time in my business for just 12 months when I first sat down and had a chat with Debbie Lindsay from Stay Focused Business Development and complete a “Dart Analysis” of my business.

I had worked in finance and administration of small to medium businesses for over 30 years and had an understanding of what was to be done. However, I found that the reality of the day-to-day operations of business left little time to develop my business.

The Stay Focused Dart Analysis system quickly and easily identified areas that needed improvement, and Debbie provided me with coaching, advice and encouragement to move forward with working on these areas which definitely fast tracked the growth and professional image.

Working with Debbie has been a pleasure – she always showed a genuine interest in me personally as well as my business growth.

On a personal level Debbie’s positive attitude to life is infectious and inspiring.

I would not hesitate to recommend stay Focused Business Development.