Penny Cook - BodyTone Yoga

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I’m so excited to be working with Debbie from Stay Focused Business Development Coaching.

The sessions have already provided me with a much needed business reality check, practical tools and the confidence in taking my career and brand to a whole new level.

 I now have a clear vision in line with my core values and expertise, in setting a firm foundation to grow the business successfully. I want more of Stay Focused and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about business, lifting their game higher and loving what they do for a living even more!

Simon Cutler - Life Planns

Life Planns 200 x 100Our website: Life Planns

As a business owner that enjoyed early success, it didn’t take long for the inadequate daily staff systems and lack of business strategies to start leading to costly mistakes.

Instead of maintaining our successes we were frustrated by our failures. This led to a quick loss of passion and searching for answers as to why my business wasn’t operating the way I wanted.

By chance I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Lindsay from Stay Focused. Debbie quickly identified my business potential and reassured me all was not lost.

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Angela Mitchell - Northside Neurotherapy

Angela 200 x 200Our website: Northside Neurotherapy

I engaged Debbie for some Business Development Coaching in June 2016.

The thing that struck me about Debbie was her enthusiasm, and willingness to go “over and above” for her clients, in order to get them moving in a positive direction. She assisted me to target and refine my marketing, so that it was simple, effective and clear.

We developed new marketing material (so that it all matched and flowed) and improved my LinkedIn profile.

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Kerri Minki - The Bookkeeping Practice

Kerri Minki 200 x 200To whom it may concern,

I had been working full-time in my business for just 12 months when I first sat down and had a chat with Debbie Lindsay from Stay Focused Business Development and complete a “Dart Analysis” of my business.

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Dean Quirke - YMG & Holistic Health Concepts -

Dean Quirke 200 x 200YMG - Young Mens Group -  grew fast because I was focused and new what to do.

After joining (BNI) Business Networking International in May 2014 I met Debbie Lindsay from Stay Focused Business Development and Business Coaching.

I made a decision to engage her services after we discussed my business at length. At that time I was at a huge cross road and I needed direction with THE decision about my business, to either close, or keep going. This caused me to feel extremely overwhelmed and disempowered due to a lack of focus and direction in my business.

Debbie has a very unique gift of being able to help people break up the big business vision/goals and chunk them down into small workable steps.

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