Dan Gaffney - Surf Life Saving NSW

Surf Life Saving 200 x 100We were presented with the opportunity to work with the Benny Fitz team, and in particular Debbie Lindsay and Robert Caruana.

The purpose of this collaboration was to allow these experienced external professionals an insight into the business processes and challenges of a few highlighted portfolio areas within Surf Life Saving NSW. The goal of the process was to be provided with a Geared for Growth Business Service and Review. 

Throughout the process we conducted group open forums, team think tanks, individual focus sessions, as well were provided with continual, constructive feedback and strategies towards the improvement of identified business issues and individual staff professional goals and aspirations.

I was most impressed with the Benny Fitz team, and how Debbie and Rob were able to gain such a broad understanding of our business and challenges in such a short timeframe. 

Debbie and Rob were able to gain the professional trust of all my staff and I through thoughtful and positive interactions, effective follow up and support, and the provision of real opportunities for improvement whether they be business processes or individual strategies for internal growth and increased role satisfaction and business performance. 

The strong rapport that was built was the foundation to open and honest reflection by the team and I, and after a very short timeframe we were able to collectively identify both short and long term areas to address for the better fulfilment of our business goals and maximising our staff ‘experience’ within the greater organisation. 

I personally relished the opportunity and time spent with Debbie as my business development coach, and this was also conveyed to me by the three other managers within my team also.

Debbie was able to provide me with real alternate strategies and ways of looking at not only our business processes but most importantly how we interact with our team members, and work together to make our portfolio and organisation a great place to work. In particular I have been working towards the strengthening of our teams performance based culture, focusing on team accountability and communication, and ensuring the development of a strategic plan for the future of our key portfolios. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Debbie Lindsay, Robert Caruana and the Benny Fitz team to any organisation or individual who is passionate about striving for increased business performance and efficiency, as well as individual professional and personal development. 

Warm Regards 

Dan Gaffney 

Commercial Operations Manager | Surf Life Saving NSW 

Australian Lifesaving Academy | Australian Lifeguard Service 

Australian First Aid Service 

3 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW, 2085 PO Box 307, Belrose NSW 2085