Founder of Stay Focused Fitness +

Business Developer, Nutrition coach, Master Personal Trainer

Debbie assists her clients to develop solid business foundations, improve fitness and health via education on balancing work/life by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

Gaining a perspective of what it is they really want to achieve and focusing their goals is a keys factor.

Her goal is to ensure clients stay focused on theirs and achieve exceptional results in less time.

She offers over 40 years of high level, hands-on experience in business. She has owned and operated award winning businesses throughout Australia and has experienced many hurdles in business and in life. Therefore, offers support and guidance to help business owners and people achieve and accomplish their dreams.

In addition, she is a published co-author of, TAKING THE DROP, with three long term friends which shares the ups and downs of life and makes you question what really is important in life. www.vividpublishing.com.au/takingthedrop

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education, is a certified Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She believes all these modalities play a key role in the health and well being of people wanting high business/life performance with a healthy longevity for their lives. 

Stay Focused Fitness +

Vision: To assist people in developing their strengths, and focus on what is important, through motivation, challenging and inspiring planned direction.


  • To listen and guide in decision-making
  • Share knowledge for promoting growth
  • Plan strategies to step over the hurdles
  • Build and form strong business and health foundations
  • Respect the privacy of all shared knowledge

Mission: To build a reputable and sustainable business that encourages people to fear less, risk more and fulfill their dreams via a strong fitness focus. In addition, offer a unique support and funding system which finances and backs people when needed.

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