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Stay Focused Fitness + Terms and Conditions 2020

The Stay Focused Fitness + Focus Meeting Series within the business is voluntary. Should you decide to take on a Focus Session Series, you will have a weekly or fortnightly, 60 – 90 minute session. There will be times whereby Focus Sessions may run longer than normal therefore additional charges may apply and shall be agreed upon by both parties prior to commencement. It is recommended both you and your advisor set regular times for all Focus Sessions. All Focus Sessions are only cancelled and rescheduled under urgent situations.

The role of the client: is to complete all actions set as part of each Focus Session.

Advisor methods are designed to challenge you to achieve results you would not normally have achieved on your own. From time to time you may find the advice to be personally and emotionally challenging.

No warranties given: whilst the methodology has worked successfully for many clients in a number of countries, the advisor provides no guarantee that the advisor methods or the Sessions will work for you. You will not hold the advisor responsible if you do not achieve any of your goals.

Intellectual property rights: You have no right to use or reproduce any of the process or materials or development tools used by the advisor outside of your Focus Sessions and the advisor retains all rights, title and interest absolutely in the process and material used by the advisor.

Development Tools:  Stay Focused Fitness + Business Development Tools have been designed to assist you and the development of your business. All tools are copyright and are not to be shared, reproduced or copied without the permission of the owner of Stay Focused Fitness + Business Development Coaching.   

Confidential materials: As part of the Focus Sessions, you may discuss personal information with your advisor. You decide to what level this will go. The advisor will guarantee to keep confidential everything discussed during the Focus Sessions and will do everything possible to ensure that such confidential information and material are not disclosed to any third party without your express prior consent. However, in special circumstances it is required that the advisor requires outside professional assistance to assist in answering or assisting the client.

Copywrite: 2009, All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the author.

Termination of Focus Sessions: The Focus Sessions will last for the scheduled consecutive sessions, unless either you or your advisor deems the relationship unworkable. Full payment is required prior to commencement of the Focus Sessions.

Contact arrangements: The main source of contact is via SMS and email. You agree Stay Focused Fitness + utilizes your contact details for internal marketing purposes only.

Website access: The use of the Stay Focused Fitness + website and social media is strictly at the users own risk.

On-site Stay Focused Fitness + Business Development and parking: All care and safety is taken to ensure a safe environment, however all client parking and entrance the building and premises for any duration of time is at the clients own risk.

Client contact: Stay Focused Fitness +  uses numerous ways as contact with clients. By signing the Stay Focused Fitness + Terms and Conditions you and all parties accept the following:

SMS messages and Email authorization: Stay Focused Fitness + uses SMS messaging to send through communication and confirmation of sessions. Stay Focused Fitness + uses the Internet to send email newsletters and marketing material to you.

Referral Information: At times Stay Focused Fitness + asks clients for referrals to use in marketing campaigns such as mail outs which stipulates who the client is and what the clients has to say about their time working with Stay Focused Fitness +.

Photos and images: Occasionally your Stay Focused Fitness + advisor may ask for marketing photo of you training within the Focus Sessions, these could be used for Stay Focused Fitness + promotions, advertising and website content.

Cancellation of Focus Series: The Focus Session series last for the agreed scheduled consecutive dates and times unless either you or your advisor deems the relationship unworkable. Refunds are not provided. Full fare is paid prior to commencement, or automatically debited prior to each Focus Session.

A minimum of 48 hours is required for all Focus Sessions cancellation. An alternate Focus Session date is rescheduled, if possible within the same week.  If no notification is received and confirmed and agreed upon you will forfeit that Focus Session.                                                                           

Payment Terms: Payments can be cash, direct deposit, eftpos, or credit card.

All payments are made in advance of all Focus Sessions. Direct deposits are to be received with in a minimum of five business days prior the Focus Session for the sessions agreed upon. Pay Smart payments can be set up via an account, and a one off setup fee and interest rate is charged to the client as per the Pay Smart Terms and Conditions.

All payments are made in advance of all sessions. If fortnightly then a fortnight in advance payment is required, if monthly then a monthly in advanced payment is required.

PN: Any complimentary sessions are not included in advanced required payments

All invoices are strictly 5 days from date of invoice and are sent electronically.                                      

Contact: A coach is a better coach when they rest. Business hours are Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 6.00pm. All Text messages, emails and phone contact are required to stay within these business hours unless alternate agreement is made.

Business Administration: A business administration fee is charged for services outside of business development and business coaching. This is for marketing and website services. The fee is agreed upon prior to work commencement.

Marketing Material: Occasionally marketing material is required. Stay Focused Fitness + is not responsible for any printing services organised by the client. All marketing material is required to be checked and adjusted if required by a graphic artist prior to print. (this is at the client’s expense)

Business Administration Services: Business administration services covers incidental work completed by Stay focused Fitness + for a client on their behalf. Addition fees are charged according to the requirements prior to commencement.

Complimentary Sessions: As a reward, thank you or referral offer. Stay Focused Fitness + may offer complimentary business development sessions. The complimentary sessions are separate from the normal invoiced session and have no relevance to future payments in advance.

Occasional additional important phone calls/meeting: Occasional additional important phone calls/meetings are required outside of the normal session times; the complimentary sessions are able to be used towards time taken during these moments.

PN: Stay Focused Fitness + Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice